Who We Are


Christopher Waldo, President

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Studies, Tulane University

Chris is a Korean American adoptee who grew up in rural Vermont. He first became interested in Classics in a history class as a high school sophomore. Chris recently completed a dissertation on the victory odes of Pindar and Bacchylides. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the alto saxophone.

Chris’s berkeley.edu page


Elizabeth Wueste, Vice President

Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Classics, The American University of Rome

Elizabeth is a Roman archaeologist, specializing in Late Antique honorific monuments. She is also an active field excavator and currently digs with the American Excavations at Morgantina. She identifies as hapa— half Chinese (by way of Hawaii) and half white. When she uses the Munsell soil color chart on her skin, she is a 10YR 4/6: “dark yellowish brown” = a tan half-Asian.

Elizabeth’s academia.edu page


JaShong King, Treasurer

PhD Student, University of Ottawa

JaShong King is a Chinese-American-Canadian Ph.D. student in the Classics and Religious Studies department at the University of Ottawa.  Previously he had a career as a photo editor for the Reuters news agency and also holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from San Jose State University.  His current research interests are Late Antique power structures, Digital Humanities, and Sino-Roman/Byzantine comparative history.  He is a proud defender of Arby's.

JaShong’s academia.edu page


Caroline Cheung, Faculty Liaison

Assistant Professor of Classics, Princeton University

Caroline is a first generation Chinese-American, specializing in Roman material culture, archaeology, and history, and her research focuses on the socio-economic history of non-elites, ancient food and agriculture, and craft production. She grew up in Los Angeles and speaks Cantonese, and her dad is a chef who always makes the best Cantonese dishes and sends her home with his delicious XO sauce.

Caroline’s princeton.edu page

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Stephanie Wong, Outreach Coordinator

PhD Student, Brown University

Stephanie is an ancient historian–in-training at Brown University, where she explores her interests in the Roman West, (post)colonial studies, yoga, and cooking. A proud Asian American of Singaporean and Hong Konger extraction, she also writes curriculum for migrant schools in Beijing. 

Stephanie’s brown.edu page

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Kelly Nguyen, Mentorship Coordinator

PhD Candidate, Brown University

Stemming from her background as a Vietnamese refugee, Kelly is interested in displacement and its effects on identity in the Roman Empire. She also works on the reception of classics within the Vietnamese diaspora. 

Kelly’s brown.edu page


Tessie Sakai, Secondary Education Liason

Middle school Latin teacher at the Schoolhouse Learning Center in South Burlington, Vermont

Tessie currently teaches Latin at the Schoolhouse Learning Center in South Burlington, Vermont. She loves reading, speaking, and teaching Latin, and hopes to teach Greek as well. Some of her non-Classics interests include: cycling, finding good dumplings in Vermont (not as hard as you’d think), music (mostly listening, but tries to learn a stringed instrument at least once a year), rock climbing, running, and snowboarding.

Tessie’s researchgate.net page